7 TOOLS Equipment That Must Be Available at HOME

Tools are not only needed by skilled workers or carpentry. These best mechanic tool brand are also needed for household purposes. For example, for fixing damaged electrical, electronic, cooking equipment or household appliances. Not only saving time can also reduce the expense of expenses when calling a technician.

There are some notes of standard best mechanic tool brand that you must have at home:

1. Tekiro Tang

Pliers have a variety of uses, among others, for cutting wire, tightening bolts, and clamping and peeling cables. When you sort pliers must be made of steel and the holder is coated with hard rubber.

2. Tekiro Screwdriver

Provide a screwdriver at home is useful for installing and freeing bolts or screws. There are a number of different types such as negative screwdriver (-), positive screwdriver (+), offset screwdriver, spiral, test and pen which are always the same.

3. Tekiro Palu

Hammer or hammer is usually used for nailing, fixing something, forging metal, and destroying something. You can sort out the shape and use alteration, including nail hammer, round hammer, rubber hammer, plastic hammer, and copper hammer. The use of a hammer is worth the type of work you want to do at home.

4. Tekiro Saws

Preparing a saw at your home can be used to cut or chop wood or other items. Saw material is usually a flexible steel plate with a handle (gripp) on the back.

5. Tekiro Wrench

It is one of the multifunctional equipment only in the form of one key which is bigger than the suitable key. The width of the key that can be set can take over some of the dimensions of the key fit at a time for example keys fit dimensions 14-20 millimeters.

6. Tekiro Chisel

Chisels can be used to distribute alterations on furniture surfaces, deepen damaged surfaces, or even break surfaces in cubicles.

7. Tekiro Meter

You can also use it to measure furniture that matches the room or simply measure it. Usually measuring equipment is made in 2 metric dimension units, which are m and inches. All explore the standard dimensions that apply.

You don’t have time to know when you need these tools. However, there is no harm in providing. Don’t less remember to look at the dimensions, uses, and quality objects. Store your gear in a box that is easy to reach but comfortable out of reach of children.