9 Ways to Repair a Peeled Wall

Making the appearance of various types of houses more attractive can be done in various ways. Starting from using building facade materials, the type of architectural style of the house and so on. But the most common way is to use paint on the entire wall of the house. This paint is actually intended to protect homes from extreme weather changes. However, due to uncertain factors, house paint can also be damaged. One of them is wall paint that is slowly peeling. This damage can occur due to various factors. But certainly, the appearance of your home will be disrupted. Repairing a peeling wall is actually not difficult, as long as you know the right steps. The following are the stages of how to repair a peeling wall, namely:

Peel off the old paint

The first thing you do is put a piece of paint that has been peeled off before. Do it thoroughly until the wall covering material is visible and is no longer coated with paint. After that, the wall is then cleaned. This process must be carried out, because if it does not do the peeling, the new paint which will overwrite the old paint will not last for a long time.

Even if you use a new type of wall paint, it will slowly peel. Therefore, the exfoliation must be done carefully using scrape.

Sand the rest of the paint

When the paint is finished, the wall is then cleaned using sandpaper. This is done so that old paint does not interfere with the application of new paint afterwards. For this type of sandpaper used must be adjusted to the thickness of the old paint. Do not get too thick because it can damage the wall. And not too thin either.

Clean the walls using water

The finished wall is then sanded and cleaned using water. It is intended that the paint dissolves longer so that it is easy to clean. When finished, the wall must be allowed to stand for several days until the wall is completely dry. The painting process should also be done in dry conditions. This is because the level of wall humidity has an influence on the quality of painting later.

Use a paint remover to peel old paint

The paint peeling process will be much easier to do if you use a paint remover. Paint remover itself is a special chemical that is used to remove old paint. How to use it is also very easy, but you need to use rubber gloves to secure your hands.

Repair damaged walls

Before repainting, you first repair the damage that occurred on the wall. This damage can be in the form of hair cracks, flattening the surface to give a putty. So that the condition of the wall will be completely ready when you want to be repainted.

Apply primer

After the wall condition is ready, then you can immediately do the painting process. The first step is to do primer. This base paint usually uses a white base color. Wait for the paint to dry completely before you do the next step.


After careful painting, you can do the repainting process starting from the difficult parts first. Usually it is the part that is close to the list, you can use a brush tool. The painting process can also be started from the top, then followed to the bottom by using a roll. To paint the exterior area of ​​the house usually use elegant house paint colors or house paint colors that are beautiful and cool specifically. This is intended so that the paint is able to survive in conditions of erratic weather changes.

Clean the paint nodes

When painting the walls of a house, usually the stain will fall to the floor. For that you need to prepare a home cleaning tool in the form of an alkaline mop. By cleaning paint stains that are still wet, it will be easier than cleaning when the paint is dry.

So that the paint is not easy to peel

How to fix peeling wall paint is actually quite easy and not too difficult. There are several factors that can cause peeling walls, including the following:

Do wall painting in conditions that are still wet so that the humidity level is still high.
The type of paint used does not have good quality.
The quality of materials in building one’s own house is not good. An example is the mixture of sand and cement that does not adjust to a certain quality. So that when it rains, the water will easily seep in all the pores of the wall.
Other factors can also be caused by poor quality plamir.
The condition of the walls is still dirty and dusty when painted, so that the adhesive is less.
Even peeling old paint, so that it can trigger the peeling of paint after being coated with new paint. This factor is the most common in general.
So some tips and tricks as a way to repair walls that are peeled properly and correctly and you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!