Trends to Consider when Updating Your Home


One of the keys to a successful home update is to achieve a balance between the current trends and your lifestyle and design style. While trends change frequently, your preference of colors, textures and furniture style may not vary that often. As you plan your updating projects, look at what’s trendy and selectively choose the elements you want to incorporate into your home. Your home should be a reflection of your personality not a replica of a showroom design that isn’t consistent with your lifestyle.


Color plays a large role in setting the tone of a room. In order to feel happy and comfortable in your home, the walls should be painted a color that you find appealing. Earth tone colors and colors that relate to nature are part of the 2019 trend. Neutrals have progressed from beige to more varied shades such as gray, slate blue, cream and sage. Explore your options and select colors that you want to live with.


Farmhouse hardwood floors are a good choice of flooring when you’re updating your home. Wide planks are popular. Wide plank farmhouse hardwood floors showcase the natural beauty of wood more than narrow planks. The knots, color variations and natural artistic grain designs enhance the aesthetics of a room. The 2019 flooring trend focuses on flooring with lighter finishes.

Furniture Trends

Sofas and accent chairs upholstered in shades of pink, green, blue and purple are part of the 2019 trend. Tufting makes a return as does handcrafted furniture. Multi-functional furniture continues to be trendy. It is compatible with the minimalistic décor and with a homeowners desire to simplify a room design. Upholstered beds are making a bold statement in 2019 bedroom designs.

There’s renewed interest and appreciation in antique furniture. Art deco inspired accessories are also returning to room designs in 2019. Sofa designs, beds and accent tables with curves are part of the new trend. Natural materials are being showcased in countertops. Plants are a prominent feature in every room of the trendy 2019 home.