What PSI Pressure Washer do I Need?

Best Residential Pressure WasherPressure washers are a great tool to have when you have cleaning projects that require more than just a brush and detergent. PSI or Pounds Per Square Inch is the measurement that is used to determine the pressure of the water that flows out of the tip of the wand you are using.

The PSI of a pressure washer is important as it is what will help you determine how easily you can remove dirt from the surface that you are cleaning.

While the PSI of a pressure washer is important, you also need to take the GPM or Gallons per Minute into consideration.  See what else to look for here

A great way to get the best washer for your cleaning project is to choose the PSI that you need for the job and getting a good GPM to make sure that you get the efficiency and speed that you need to get the job done properly. The type of cleaning job that you need to get done is a determining factor when you are looking for the ideal PSI pressure washer.


Let us take a brief look at the different PSIs that are ideal for different types of cleaning projects.

Pressure Washers with Power Below 1000 PSI

Pressure washers that have low PSI are considered to be the most ideal for use around homes. They are not powerful enough for commercial use.

·         Pressure washers with low power are best for occasional use.
·         They are great if you are not in a great hurry to get the cleaning job done.

Pressure Washers with 1000 to 2000 PSI

This is the ideal power for a pressure washer to have when the cleaning job is not too intensive.

·         They are ideal for surfaces that can be easily damaged or soft.
·         Decks and sidings can be cleaned well with this pressure range.
·         They are also great for auto cleaning that is not heavy-duty.

Pressure Washers with 2000 to 3000 PSI

This is the most common range of power for pressure washers that are used commercially.

·         This is an ideal power range for surfaces made out of concrete.
·         Oil stains that are light or moderate can be easily cleaned with pressure washers with this range of PSI.
·         Pool as well as automotive cleaning can be accomplished efficiently.
·         This range can be used for industrial applications as well.

Pressure Washers with 3000 to 6000 PSI

This range of power is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning.

·         They can be used to clean heavy industrial machinery.
·         Grease and oil stains that are heavy and hard to clean can be efficiently cleaned with pressure washers with this range of power.
·         Paint can also stripped off from metal surfaces with this type of pressure washer.

Pressure Washers with 10000 to 50000 PSI

This is an extremely high pressure. Hence, it is not considered to be used for pressure washing.

·         Pressure washers with this amount of pressure are used to break concrete, steel, etc.
·         They are also used for cutting tools on a commercial level.


There are many different measurements that determine the power of a pressure washer. As mentioned earlier, PSI is important; however, other measurements like GPM and CPU, which stands for Cleaning Power Unit, are just as important to make sure that the cleaning is done efficiently. Higher numbers are typically better but it also depends on the type of surface that you need to clean.

The GPM should increase as the PSI increases. This ensures that both the pressure of the water and the amount of water that the cleaner can hold are at par with each other. The CPU is used as an estimate to show the result when the PSI is multiplied by the GPM. The higher the GPM is, the more powerful the pressure washer is.

If you are looking to buy a pressure washer and are asking yourself the question ‘What PSI pressure washer do I need?’ the numbers mentioned earlier will give you a better idea of what to get for your cleaning project. This way, you get the pressure washer that is best suited for you and the ideal tool to get the cleaning job done efficiently and without spending too much time on it.

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